Uses πŸ”—

This is a list of my hardware, software, and other things I use regularly.

πŸ’» Hardware (WIP) πŸ”—

Personal πŸ”—

  • 2023 Mac Studio - M2 Max - 64GB
  • 2022 MacBook Air - M2 - 16GB
  • 2023 iPad Pro - M2

πŸ–₯️ My Desk (WIP) πŸ”—

✍️ Pens/Pencils πŸ”—

Pocket πŸ”—

Desk πŸ”—

Extra In Random Places πŸ”—

Wedding Certificate πŸ”—

πŸ“ Paper/Notebooks πŸ”—

Work πŸ”—

Personal πŸ”—

Reading πŸ”—