5002947Admiral Yularen
75317The Mandalorian & The Child
75292The Razor Crest
75290Mos Eisley Cantina
75279Star Wars Advent Calendar
75277Boba Fett™ Helmet
75276Stormtrooper™ Helmet
75275A-wing Starfighter™
75274TIE Fighter Pilot™ Helmet
75269Duel on Mustafar
75267Mandalorian Battle Pack
75266Sith Troopers Battle Pack
75265T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighter
75264Kylo Ren's Shuttle Microfighter
75263Resistance Y-wing Microfighter
75262Imperial Dropship™ – 20th Anniversary Edition
75261Clone Scout Walker™ – 20th Anniversary Edition
75259Snowspeeder™ – 20th Anniversary Edition
75258Anakin's Podracer™ – 20th Anniversary Edition
75257Millennium Falcon
75254AT-ST Raider
75252Imperial Star Destroyer
75251Darth Vader's Castle
75246Death Star Cannon
75244Tantive IV™
75243Slave l™ – 20th Anniversary Edition
75242Black Ace TIE Interceptor
75222Betrayal at Cloud City™
75213LEGO® Star Wars™ Advent Calendar 2018
75212Kessel Run Millennium Falcon™
75211Imperial TIE Fighter™
75209Han Solo's Landspeeder™
75208Yoda's Hut
75207Imperial Patrol Battle Pack
75206Jedi™ and Clone Troopers™ Battle Pack
75205Mos Eisley Cantina™
75202Defense of Crait™
75201First Order AT-ST™
75200Ahch-To Island™ Training
75199General Grievous' Combat Speeder
75198Tatooine™ Battle Pack
75197First Order Specialists Battle Pack
75196A-Wing™ vs. TIE Silencer™ Microfighters
75195Ski Speeder™ vs. First Order Walker™ Microfighters
75194First Order TIE Fighter™ Microfighter
75193Millennium Falcon™ Microfighter
75192Millennium Falcon
75191Jedi Starfighter™ With Hyperdrive
75190First Order Star Destroyer™
75189Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker
75188Resistance Bomber
75185Tracker I
75184Star Wars Advent Calendar 2017
75183Darth Vader™ Transformation
75182Republic Fighter Tank™
75181Y-Wing Starfighter™
75180Rathtar™ Escape
75179Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter™
75178Jakku Quadjumper™
75177First Order Heavy Scout Walker™
75176Resistance Transport Pod™
75175A-Wing Starfighter™
75174Desert Skiff Escape
75173Luke's Landspeeder™
75172Y-wing Starfighter
75171Battle on Scarif
75170The Phantom
75169Duel on Naboo
75168Yoda's Jedi Starfighter
75167Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike™ Battle Pack
75166First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack
75165Imperial Trooper Battle Pack
75164Rebel Trooper Battle Pack
75163Krennic's Imperial Shuttle
75161TIE Striker
75159Death Star
75159Death Star
75158Rebel Combat Frigate
75157Captain Rex's AT-TE
75156Krennic's Imperial Shuttle
75155Rebel U-wing Fighter
75154TIE Striker V39
75153AT-ST Walker
75152Imperial Assault Hovertank
75151Clone Turbo Tank
75150Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter
75148Encounter on Jakku
75146Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016
75145Eclipse Fighter
75142Homing Spider Droid
75141Kanan's Speeder Bike
75139Battle on Takodana™
75138Hoth Attack
75137Carbon-Freezing Chamber V39
75137Carbon-Freezing Chamber V39
75136Droid Escape Pod V39
75136Driod Escape Pod V39
75135Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor
75133Rebel Alliance Battle Pack
75132First Order Battle Pack
75132First Order Battle Pack
75131Resistance Trooper Battle Pack
75129Wookiee Gunship
75128TIE Advanced Prototype
75126First Order Snowspeeder
75125Resistance X-wing Fighter
75107Jango Fett
75106Imperial Assault Carrier
75105Millennium Falcon
75104Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle
75103First Order Transporter
75102Poe's X-Wing Fighter
75101First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter
75100First Order Snowspeeder
75099Rey's Speeder
75098Assault on Hoth
75097Star Wars Advent Calendar
75096Sith Infiltrator
75095TIE Fighter
75094Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
75093Death Star Final Duel
75092Naboo Starfighter
75091Flash Speeder
75090Ezra's Speeder Bike
75089Geonosis Troopers
75088Senate Commando Troopers
75087Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter
75086Battle Droid Troop Carrier
75085Hailfire Driod
75082TIE Advanced Prototype
75079Shadow Troopers V39
75078Imperial Troop Transport V39
75077Homing Spide Droid
75076Republic Gunship
75073Vulture Droid
75072ARC-170 Starfighter
75060Slave I
750562014 Star Wars Advent Calendar
75052Mos Eisley Cantina
75051Jedi Scout Fighter
75048The Phantom
75044Droid Tri-Fighter
75042Droid Gunship
75041Vulture Droid
75040General Grievous' Wheel Bike
75039V-Wing Starfighter
75038Jedi Interceptor
75037Battle on Saleucami
75036Utapau Troopers
75035Kashyyk Troopers
75033Star Destroyer
75032X-Wing Fighter
75031TIE Interceptor
75030Millennium Falcon
75028Clone Turbo Tank
75025Jedi Defender-class Cruiser
750232013 Star Wars Advent Calendar
75022Mandalorian Speeder
75021Republic Gunship
75017Duel on Geonosis
75016Homing Spider Droid
75015Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
75014Battle of Hoth
75008TIE Bomber & Asteroid Field
75007Republic Assault Ship & Coruscant
75006Jedi Starfighter & Kamino
75003A-wing Starfighter
75001Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers
75000Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas
40178VIP Set V39
30602First Order Stormtrooper
30602First Order Stormtrooper
30246Imperial Shuttle
30243Umbaran MHC
10236Ewok Village
10221Super Star Destroyer
10215Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
10212Imperial Shuttle
10188Death Star
9679AT-ST & Endor
9678Twin-Pod Cloud Car & Bespin
9677X-wing Starfighter & Yavin 4
9676TIE Interceptor & Death Star
9675Sebulba's Podracer & Tatooine
9674Naboo Starfighter & Naboo
95092012 Star Wars Advent Calendar
9500Sith Fury-class Interceptor
9499Gungan Sub
9496Desert Skiff
9495Gold Leader's Y-wing Starfighter
9492TIE Fighter
9490Droid Escape
8097Slave I
8095General Grievous' Starfighter
8088ARC-170 Starfighter
8085Freeco Speeder
8038The Battle of Endor
8036Separatist Shuttle
7965Millennium Falcon
7962Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's Podracers
7961Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator
7959Geonosian Starfighter
79582011 Star Wars Advent Calendar
7956Ewok Attack
7931Jedi T-6 Shuttle
7915Imperial V-wing Starfighter
7877Naboo Starfighter
FANEXPO001-1The Ghost Starship (FAN EXPO edition)
Total number of sets: 229
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